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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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Paul Rothemund on TED.com
Paul Rothemund casts a spell with DNA

One of the latest developments in DNA. They are encoding and creating new DNA with a computer. A bit technical at first, but if you will wait until the end he demonstrates what they have created. This is one of many paradigm shifts in capability that will be unfolding in science during 2011.

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Quantum Communication
Scientist David Sereda - YouTube Playlist (1-14)

Scientist and film maker David Sereda discusses the latest research on how communications works at the quantum level. This is only one example of many peer level research efforts validating the same observations. More evidence that at the quantum layer we are indeed all one.

Quantum BRAIN Communication
TED.COM: Tan Le on Brain Communications with Computers

Although Tan Le doesn’t spell-out the foundation of her technology as being quantum...it is. Her company has developed technology to interpret thoughts and intentions to control computers. At the end of the video she demonstrates a person manipulating objects on a computer screen by simply changing their thoughts and intentions. This is further validation human beings are creating energy that is affecting everything at the quantum level.


Up to date research and discoveries on WATER!
WATER (YouTube Parts 1-9)

This is really a “must watch” video. We take water for granted and think there is only one type but actually this isn’t true. Water comes in many forms and we now have indications it is extremely intelligent.

Massaru Emoto
See the affects our emotions have on water in photographs.
Messages from Water

An interview with Massaru Emoto. At the end of the interview there is an experiment you can conduct at home very easily to prove this impact for yourself.
Photographs of Human Emotions on Water
______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ The Secret Life of Plants
The Secret Life of Plants Documentary

As mentioned in The Assumptions: This is an old documentary about the original book. It is a tad slow at times but still an interesting video.


SOLUCAR, built outside Seville, Spain, is generating 11 megawatts of power without any pollution. As the planet warms ...we can now harness the energy.

The Inevitable collapse of the dollar
Dollar Collapse

This documentary illustrates the connections amongst the global financial systems and how they are related to the U.S. currency. Experts, including Nobel Prize winning economists all agree the U.S. dollar will indeed collapse very soon. These people have no personal agendas.

Fiat Empire
Federal Reserve Video

The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and so are the other State Banks around the globe. This documentary tells the story of how they came into existence, their agendas and how they are currently operating in a well planned, coordinated fashion that is having disastrous affects on our economies.


Food Supply -Aspartame
Aspartame Video

This is the story of Aspartame and how it was introduced into our food supply. It also illuminates the effect it can have on the human body and why we should avoid it.

Floride Deception
Truth about Floride
Fluoride has been proven to be harmful to human beings. This documentary shows where it came from, how and why it was introduced into the water supply in the United States.

Hidden Truth of Vaccinations
Truth about Vaccinations

All five documentaries with medical professionals explaining what is actually in our vaccinations and what is hidden....have all be removed from the internet. So no videos are listed here.

Deconstructing the Myth about Aids
Maybe AIDS doesn't exist

This documentary is surprising evidence about the AIDs virus and the epidemic scare. As it turns out, no virus has ever been identified. Current Aids testing detects only symptoms that can arise from hundreds of various conditions. There seems to be no actual proof AIDS even exists.

The Truth About Global Warming
The weather channel

John Coleman, founder of the weather channel, explains the actual scientific data about our global atomosphere and once and for all proves global warming is not being caused by human beings carbon emissions. (3 minutes)

Story of Stuff
A look at the world's delivery systems -funny and amazing

A documentary for the whole family and done in a fun, entertaining way. It shows the life cycle of our consumer goods industry and how we currently have it set up for ourselves. More importantly, it shows how the current way of doing things is destroying our planet.

The Mexican Air force
UFO -Offical released tapes

The Mexican government had an agreement with the USA not to reveal what they have known about UFOs. After many delays and excuses by the US government, the Mexican government decided to go public. Here is one such video released by them.

Dorothy Izatt
UFO Documentary

Mentioned in The Assumptions, Dorothy Izatt is an sweet, 86 year old grandmother from Canada that has filmed over 30 thousand feet of UFOs. She has finally released the footage through a documentary on DVD. It is not available online so you will have to actually order it (USD $19.95)

The Billy Meier Chronicles -Part 1 (8 parts)
The Meier Chronicles

This documentary is almost too astonishing to believe. Yet, Billy Meier has no agenda and has never profited from his experience. He has in fact tried to stay out of the public eye. He has photographs and film taken from his experiences with beings from other planets while in their UFO. Some are impossible to fake.

The Secret NASA Transmissions
Actual captured NASA transmissions

A cable TV owner in Washington State honed his satellite dish on the transmissions coming from NASA craft during various missions and recording them just because he could. When he reviewed the tapes he was astonished at what he saw. There were UFOs all throughout the transmissions. This footage was edited out by NASA when they released the same film to the media. This film includes the actual dialog from the astronauts to NASA.

911 Coincidences –Part 1 (19 parts)
NEW Evidence about 911

There have been many documentaries about 911 to illustrate who was really responsible. This particular one does an excellent job of sticking with the actual facts. You will need to watch all 19 parts but it is a fresh look at the matter and worth your time.

John Perkins –Confessions of an Economic Hit man –Part 1 (3 parts)
Covert CIA confessions

If you want to know why leaders around the world have developed a real anger towards America then this will tell you why. John Perkins, after 911, could no longer keep his secrets and tells how he personally, and many others like him, have treated countries around the world covertly for the CIA.

JFK Bush Connection
A Different view of JFK Assssination

The JFK assassination has been the brunt of many conspiracy theories through the years. This one is unique. After 30 years of research, this puts all the pieces together and shows a most convincing trail of hard evidence as to who was behind it. Believe it or not …George Walker Bush Sr. Sounds absurd but the evidence is actually all there.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program) Part 1 of 2
Dangerous Government experiments

This is the downside of HARRP technology. The U.S. military’s research for HAARP weapons (your tax dollars) covertly developing technology and conducting test with the upper atomospheres that are very experimental and potentially disasterous.

The next wave of medicine isn’t in pill form. Science is already using HAARP technology to solve problems of all sorts of illnesses both mental and physical.

Akiane Kramarik
Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik is a real child prodigy. She has painted masterpieces of art since the age of 9 years old. She describes her paintings as renderings of her regular travel to the other side of our physical reality where she has met with Jesus and seen heaven. Amazing!

Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce Documentary

I have heard of Edgar Cayce all my life but never actually knew much about him or his life. This is an excellent documentary about the life and works of Edgar Cayce. I was impressed by his very humble life and amazed by his accomplished works. A really excellent video.

KRYON –Questions and Answers
Kryon Q&A

Sometimes we need to search for answers beyond the books. Kryon is an entity that has been channeled by Lee Carroll for over 18 years now. His messages have been profound. This is the page where he answers questions submitted by his listeners. Keep in mind, the Law of Attraction that we have all heard so much about was channeled through Ester Hicks from Abraham. Even if you think no such communications can exist from the other side, you will still find his answers amazing and astounding.

The Hidden Story of Jesus
Dr. Robert Beckford -Oxford Brookes University
The Jesus story outside of Christianity

This is a Canadian based television documentary on various religions and belief systems going back thousands of years before Jesus with almost identical stories of their Gods to the stories about Jesus that exists today in the current Christian theology. It is tastefully done without bias by a devout Christian journalist. Appears many of today’s stories about Jesus are identical to many religions of the past totally unrelated to Christianity.

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