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HUMAN ENERGY is the zero-point, the stem cell of matter...the part we each control.
             óJames Taylor

Lectures and Classes Available

SERIES: HUMAN ENERGY II - Science explains the Law of Attraction and THE SECRET. (NEW)

Target Audiences:
People who tried the Law of Attaction and it didn't work!
People using the law of attraction ...science explains it clearly.
People focused on health and well being.

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SERIES: HUMAN ENERGY - What Science Really Knows about Human Beings!

Target Audiences:
Human Beings
This lecture is for anyone and everyone
regardless of occupation, geography, gender or bias.

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SERIES: Leadership At The Quantum Level - New Energy For Corporate DNA!

Target Audiences:
Corporate Senior Managers
Sales & Marketing Personnel
Customer Services
Human Resources
High School Seniors & College Students
Sociology and Psychology Associations

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SERIES: Selling From The Quantum Level! - The secrets of the selling MASTERS!

Target Audiences:
Retreats and Company Training Events
Senior Sales Staff
Senior Sales and Marketing Management
Philanthropic and Charitable Fund Raising Groups

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SERIES: Green science - Science explains how nature and humans both plug into the rest of the planet.

Target Audiences:
Green Events
Spiritual Groups
Philosophy and History Students
Religious Study Groups and Retreats

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