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HUMAN ENERGY is the zero-point, the stem cell of matter...the part we each control.
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The Simple Science of 2012 -published in Healthy, Wealthy n Wise Magazine -Feb, 2010
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NEWS UPDATES - as of AUGUST, 2011 NEWS for folks creating a better world
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Einstein died trying to come up with something called the ďUnified TheoryĒ in physics to tie all the inconsistencies and disconnects together into one theory. He failed and even today it has still not been solved. It exists as an enigma in mathematics and now the same basic problem surfaced in biology and chemistry. Today we have an even larger quest known as TOE. Ever heard of TOE? TOE is the holy-grail of knowledge. It stands for ďTheory of Everything.Ē ...read more


Ever felt this way? This is a rallying cry from all those folks desperately seeking a partner in their life. Being single today at every age is very different than 30 years ago. If you want something real...here it is. There real-ly is an explanation for your perceived demise in finding a mate.
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Think about this... Have you ever stopped to look at your resume of hidden things? That is, all the things you keep secret, hidden from others...something to embarrass you were it made public. Think clearly about this. It means you have a projection of you and then there is who you really are. We donít know you. Why would you want to do that? You reeaaly think we donít want to know you? You are wasting our time! Agreed? ...read more

HUMAN ENERGY: The Concert of US!

The signs are clear. The messages are there. From the minuscule to the magnificent, all the troubles on this planet, distilled to their common denominator, trace to fear Ė or some derivative of fear. Donít believe it? It is a little hard to believe...until you throw current science at it. Then it is made crystal clear. ...read more

Misearble Life? Here's why ...it's simple!

This may appear to be a trick, but it isnít. It is instead a simple understanding of things, the way things are set up in our physical world and how we create them. I think it is best to illustrate the point by way of example. Letís take an average Joe. He has a job, a family, etc. Letís call him Alfred. One day Alfred gets frustrated because he looks around at his life and is disgusted by it. He just doesnít like his situation at all. So what does he do? Every day he walks around observing his life and feels hopeless in changing it and so he goes through his day judging this and that as the bad parts of his experience. ...read more

Religion in Schools

Indeed, what conundrums we humans get ourselves into. We built a country to protect religious freedoms. Smart design. By doing so, the government protects itself from the downfalls observed in other countries where the dominant religion was entangled with the government and the religion ultimately ruled supreme. The government wasnít designed to be separate from the religion and thus collapsed. Letís give a round of applause to our governmentís foresight and intent....read more


Reincarnation has been debated a thousand ways. Here is a fresh view that might shed some new light on an old subject. Assume for a moment, you are an aborted soul. Instead of worrying about the doctor or the mom who aborted you...wouldn't you be more concerned with what God was going to do with your soul? I could only come up with three options for you. ...read more

The Last Thing I Remember to Forget

Growing up we accumulate a lot of stuff in our head. Of course we forget that it was us that put it all there. Fortunately that also means that we, as the creator of the content, can get rid of it too. Anything in there you would like to erase? Bet so. We all have some of this stuff. Well hereís a new angle on this shared phenomenon.
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