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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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Creation is actually the fun part of being a human being. If you really think about it, we create some amazing things. Everything that exists on this planet except nature was created by us. Nature is sort of the stuff we started with in the beginning but everything after that we created.

Here is the missing logic: We thought we were only having physical impact on the world. Now we know! That wasn’t true. Our energy affects the very structure of the atoms and cells, and the molecular structures are changed. Things may look the same but there is really more going on here.

There was some research on DNA that proves there is communication amongst matter outside of our current physical five senses.

DNA Experiment

Some tissue was taken from a group of people in one city and taken across the country to a lab. The group was exposed to various videos designed to invoke emotional reactions. Guess what? The DNA strands being monitored in both places expanded and contracted identically and simultaneously. They were still one. Something linked them together. There are communications and energy being transmitted between matter. Here it is. We know it is occurring. Masaru Emoto showed us how our energy affects water. Candice Pert showed us how it affects the human body and as you will see later, plants told us they feel it too. Now DNA is telling us the same thing. Do you need more proof than this?

Some more science–let’s break it down

The ole saying of creating something out of “thin air” is true. This air is something. It is made up of gasses that have an atomic structure just like everything else. Do you realize the most dense materials known to man, when broken down to their atomic levels, are 99.99% space? It is hard to imagine a steel ball being 99.99% space, isn’t it? Yet it is. This is true for everything and everyone at the quantum layer of things. This is our entire universe…no exceptions.

We haven’t completely deciphered the atomic code that enables all things to exist...yet! But we do know this “99.99% space” is the common denominator to all things. The atom contains a nucleus comprised of protons and neutrons with some electrons whirling around outside. In between all this is 99%...something. It is something we can’t yet define. Somehow, this fertile brew manifests itself as rocks and rain and ears...indeed, everything that exists. It is obvious why scientists are so enthralled with the pursuit to understand this aspect of our existence. There is something in the physical “everything” that enables it to exist. We don’t know what it is, but it is acknowledged and we know where to find it. It is not matter. It has no mass. We can’t even determine if “this space” has a charge. (Maybe that is where we come in the picture [our energy]!) Yet, it is the common ingredient to all physical matter. It is like the “stem cell” of everything. Okay...so what? What does this have to do with creation and you?

It means we are much more powerful beings than we used to think. There is much more going on here. Let’s take look:

• The DNA experiment proves matter has a connection through some sort of energy generated by our feelings.
• We know the common denominator to all matter is 99% space. We are all made of the same stuff.
• Emoto’s research provides illustration of our energy affecting matter. We can see the change.
• Candice Pert shows our energy changes the very chemical makeup of the entire human body. Science can identify it.
• …and of course, plants (next chapter) told us they are alive and affected by our chosen disposition and resulting energy.

This communications channel is channeling our emotional energy as a charge to this 99% space stuff which is everything that exists…barring nothing. This describes the missing logic. Human beings are generating some form of energy. Just like our physical acts, these energies are also affecting things. Different way of looking at things isn’t it?

This means the collective energies we generate must amass into something and have a charge …positive or negative. Where do you think this charge comes from? That would be us. We did it. We own the outcome.


For us novices, physics has always been based on the idea that particle matter was separate from each other, mutually exclusive, and disconnected. This separation was also assumed to exist between these particles and space. As I mentioned before, a steel ball is still 99% space. These assumptions were incorrect.

The new view of physics now assumes they are not separate at all. Everything in the physical universe is connected. You can’t disconnect from it. You are a part of it, and there is no other place or way for anything else (including you and me) to exist. Wow, isn’t this a different view of things? I keep telling you...you are affecting things here! Be more careful because you are affecting us all.

This supports yet another scientific law we all know. Newton’s Law for Conservation of Energy proves the same point. Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.

Contained within Newton’s Law is an even more profound question: “What changes this stuff you can’t destroy or create?” If it is indeed already created as something, then how do we, let’s say, reconfigure it into something else? A scientific answer would be to simply burn it or freeze it or use some force on it to change it. This is definitely true...it would change its state. However, afterwards, when we break down the new creation...it has the same 99% space stuff! Is this the “stuff” our emotions are affecting at the molecular level? Aren’t we applying our own charge to all things? Yes, we are!

Don’t think that you run on batteries. You are energy, too! You are a generator. Where do you think your energy goes? Do you really believe your skin sort of keeps it in? Think again...

Remember, this is not a discussion about what you do. We are talking about who you first choose to be. This choice determines what you do. To quote Wayne Dyer, “The ancestor to every action is a thought.” Synchronize your being, and you will create. This creation process is in play whether you are aware of it or not. Now that you know ...use it! Know that you have been using it all along. This is sculpting your reality. Get it?

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