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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             óJames Taylor

SERIES: HUMAN ENERGY! What science really knows...about us!

Time Duration: Keynote: 60 minutes
Lecture: 2-3 hours


Human beings on this planet have been generating and using energy they haven't realized before. Scientists have found it, measured it, documented it and are now taking this knowledge to the next level. Most people are completely unaware of this energy and thus are not using it effectively in their lives. There is real, hard science lying underneath "The Secret" and poplular "Law of Attraction." This information is profound and far-reaching. This is not "fringe" science. It is in the scientific mainstream with knowledge that can change your entire perspective on who you are.

Once you grasp the science, you will see how you have been using this energy all along. When you make the necessary adjustments you will thrive as a result. This is an eye-opening and extremely potent motivational lecture. Learn how this human energy can add a profound dimension to your experience.

The lecture covers the paradigm shifts that occured in physics, biology, DNA and many other sciences along with the many experiments that illuminated the knowledge. This really is a "must see" lecture for human kind.

Target Audiences:

HUMAN BEINGS - no exceptions.

Materials Required: Projector for PowerPoint (large audiences)
Large Whiteboard (small groups)

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