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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor

SERIES: HUMAN ENERGY II! Human Energy explains the Law of Attraction and The SECRET!

Time Duration:
Lecture: 2-3 hours


The presentation is full of entertaining material. All of which contribute to the scientific understanding of where and how the law of attraction operates....and THE SECRET too! For the first time, it includes a synthesis of all the most popular sources for esoteric knowledge and matches these contributions against what we can actually prove in mainstream science. Sometimes it matches up perfectly. DNA and frequency happen to be two of those “fits”! This is a powerful lecture and generates a lot of epiphanies and “ah-hahs” to hold your interest!

Target Audiences:

Retreats and Resorts
Metaphysical venues
Help Groups
Materials Required: Projector for PowerPoint (large audiences)
Large Whiteboard (small groups)

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