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James Taylor enables Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) for clients. Their rules are simple. If you are involved with projects or companies with genuine intent to significantly impact our planet or the people on it ...in a paradigm-shifting way, my clients would like to hear from you.

I only work with projects that will change the world we live in ...for the better. Ideal projects not only affect a smaller community of interests but will instead have impact on the entire planet.

If you have a project with such potential, supported by a matured business plan and seeking conscious investment ranging from 500 thousand to 50 million dollars then please contact me.

If you are a conscious investor with a genuine desire to see your profits derived from projects the world will applaud then please contact me. Projects I am working on will both excite you and compel you to be involved.

You are welcomed to send me information or contact me by phone. Only serious inquiries please.

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