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HUMAN ENERGY is the zero-point, the stem cell of matter...the part we each control.
             —James Taylor
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The Lost Science of a Creator ............

Imagine this! Imagine that we had the ability to manipulate DNA and create whatever we would like. We could create all sorts of things. We could mix plants and animals. We could cross ants with horses. Sounds pretty strange...doesn’t it? But actually, DNA science will ultimately enable these tools for the designer. Far fetched? Let’s go a little deeper down this rabbit hole!

There are many levels of DNA we are yet to discover...in fact, most of it. But even with what we do know, we can manipulate the gene pool. Any one out there heard of Monsanto? They did it. In fact most of their products contain a gene they put in the seed and then patented the gene itself. This started back in 1982. You were still a kid.

Science has come a long way. Does the word “hybrid” ring any bells? Please tell me you have at least heard we can clone animals? Yes? Do you remember the birth of our first Petri dish kid? That was back in 1978. This was the year Jim Jones drank the cool-aid, WKRP in Cincinnati made its first premier and Terry Bradshaw won the Super Bowl. Think of how much has changed since then. Did you think the science just ended there? Nope. It advanced.

We already understand the future of the science and exactly what it will grow into. We really will be able to create almost any “thing” we want. Throw-in some physics to go quantum and viola, you can create any “thing” you would like. Consider this a process for designing something into a “state of being” that something. This may sound absurd to some of you but this is where the science unarguably leads. We will be able to design and create other forms of life –human beings number 2 and number 3. Hang in there...

Remember, we are still imagining here. So further imagine a bunch of you really smart people gathered together for the purpose of designing us...human beings. We could. We will be capable of doing so. All the science must do is follow the same maturation path all the other sciences have taken. Logic has it...this will evolve the same. So what would you smart people design?

Before you give me the answer...answer this question: Do you believe we are the most advanced beings in the universe? Our galaxy? Really? A species that kills each other is the most advanced species? Yea right. Seriously folks. It is statistically impossible to calculate a percentage small enough to represent the probability of this being the case. Even our math says we are not alone. How arrogant of us to have ever considered otherwise. Yes?

Genetic science has likely been mastered by many of these other societies. Who knows how many different sciences are out there that we haven’t even conceived yet. I am just speaking logically here...no bias. So when we humans have given worship to the creator through-out all human recorded history (as we currently know it)...we might have been worshiping our selves, our DNA derived ancestors ...somewhere else in the universe. I bet this sounds crazy to some of you...doesn’t it? Even so, you can’t find a scientist on this planet to argue this is not the end-game for where this science will go and that is – one of creation. It’s quite logical to then realize there are plenty of more advanced societies with this knowledge ...somewhere. Our creators perhaps? Ouch...bet that hurt.

This idea cuts deep into our belief systems. Even considering such an idea might cause you a knee-jerk reaction. It is a paradigm shift of viewpoint. Before you abandon the idea let’s thicken the plot with yet another question.

Could we really belong to a larger constellation of planets’ civilizations? We have obviously been cut off from everything here on our planet...but have all the other planets and societies in our one galaxy been so isolated as us? Statistically improbable. This idea is akin to some folks living on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean being monitored by the rest us –unknown to them. It is like living out Jim Carey’s life in The Truman Show. They see us but we couldn’t see them sort of thing. Is this blowing your mind? Real yourself back in because it could actually be true. It is scientifically possible and mathematically likely.

If other species of beings could design a new species through DNA then you have to wonder, “What else can they do?” Could they really design a Truman Show or a Matrix...or something better? How would we know? We have been cut off from them all for a very long time. We forgot they were even there. They representing the gigantic possibility there are other species and the unarguable agreement we ain’t the smartest of the lot. Calm down, this isn’t being published in the Alien Times. It is just to make a point.

Genetic science is very advanced...right now. This is an unbiased view of the matter. We already know if we were on the mature side of this science, as we are with many today, then we could easily create a human race of choice. A good thing Hitler didn’t get a hold of this! But unarguably some creator(s) did? Everything alive has DNA in it so obviously we were indeed designed that way...but by who? Give us eartharians a little more time and we will have this skill too. It isn’t a quantum leap to imagine more advanced societies have had this capability for a long time already. I’m talking about billions of years here not a few thousand.

Could 2012 also be about us, eartharians...birthing into a broader constellation of our brethren? That should make you stop and think. These would be our DNA kin folks that are aware how we were put together. Us, a species designed by an advanced interstellar committee...no wonder we aren’t perfect. Have you completely freaked out yet? You could look at this as yet another religion being thrown into the fray regarding where we came from ...but really, it is nothing more than following the science trail. And again folks, we ain’t the smartest ones on the trail!

The lost science of genetics will provide us the design capacities to create us. The science is real and its creative capacities are too. So finally imagine you are in charge of this DNA science and about to award this knowledge to a group of folks in the universe. Would our planet likely be your species of choice?

...and there you have it. Therein lies the answer to my questions. Thanks.

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