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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor

However the introduction of reincarnation would eliminate the dire and urgent need (and competition) for religions. No wonder it is such a blasphemous subject! From God’s point of view, would he set up competing systems to pit us all against each other? Do you really believe if the world had no religions, the soul would…
… suddenly cease to exist? Of course not. We can choose to connect to God in any way we please, but at the end of the day, regardless of our chosen path, the soul survives. There are no political maneuvers necessary. All man-constructed aspects of life can and do come and go…doesn’t matter. Empires have historically risen and fallen. Religious beliefs continue to evolve. Change is the constant in our universe and existence. Even with all these comings and goings…regardless, the soul still survives. Think God came up with this idea? Yes, he did. Good call, mates!

Your answer tells you what reincarnation has to do with the systems geared to survive. Reincarnation would cause them to lose their control and thus no competition would be left amongst them. All their positions to divide us all up into groups would disappear.

If you compare the central idea of religions advocating one incarnation (one experience) or reincarnation (multiple experiences), the real difference is in how the soul is treated as “eternal.” The balance of your total existence is one key and profound metric. One in carnation comprises a very small does of physical reality and 99.99999% of your soul existence (or being) outside the physical world as a reward or punishment. Reincarnation provides an endless number of physical experiences while being part of one total, eternal spiritual experience.

Do we only get “one shot” to get it right…or not?
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