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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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We are living in some challenging times. There is plenty of misinformation everywhere to chose from. This may seem to lead to anxiety and chaos ...right?

All you need is better navigation equipment! There are some common denominators for all human beings...being something! Science has unraveled the mystery of being human. Mainstream science caught up with metaphysical.

When you understand the science you see the world a little different. When viewing the world through our collective, most powerful, common denominator then you can see how we got ourselves into such a mess. Correcting it isn’t really that difficult once you discover how we have been plugging in. Science found the wall socket and the current. Label it anything you like. Doesn’t matter. We know where it is.

The Assumptions uses these new discoveries as a measurement of older belief systems. The updates clear up a lot of them and ...well, make some look quite silly. They are all using the same science and voila’ they all work. No one should be surprised. Scientifically, they had to work! We can all drop our arrogance now ...about being right. You are...and so are they.

In the end you will see the point. We have been guided to mis-use our collective human energy. We found it and you have it.

Scientific research has authenticated how powerful we are. We are generating energy that is measurable...and so is its impact. Once you understand how you are having impact and The Assumptions you have made then you can navigate more clearly. It's that simple.

-James Taylor

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