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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             óJames Taylor

From the Book The Assumptions

DNA Expands and Contracts with Human Emotions
DNA Experiment

The DNA Phantom Effect: Random photons align in the presence of DNA and then remain aligned after the DNA is removed
Phantom DNA

Candice Pert's Research on the effect of human emotions on the human cells
Candice Pert's BIO
Explantion of Human Emotions on Cells

Masaru Emoto's Research on Emotions affect on Water
Masaru Emoto's Webpage
Video of Actual Photographs

The Quantum Eraser Experiment
Wikipedia Elaborates

From Lectures and Workshops

The Effect of Human Beliefs on the Physical Body - The Alcohol Experiment: Two groups of students (one control group) get intoxicated drinking nonalcoholic beverages while believing it was alcohol.

Publications: July 1, 2003 Summary Psychological Science magazine and aired on BBC NEWS
BBC Report

The REG (Random Number Generators) Experiments: Human beings change the outcome of hard-coded software program's results by simply using their thoughts.

Princeton University

Human Intentions Affecting Crime Rates: The D.C. Experiments
Institute of Science,Technology and Public Policy

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